Burn Baby Burn Hot Sauce
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Burn, Baby, Burn Revolutionary Hot Sauce
A Taste of The Sixties!

David Hilliard was a founding member in 1966,and was the BPP's first Chief Of Staff under the leadership of Huey Newton,Bobby Seale and Eldridge Cleaver.Hilliard was the Black Panther Party leader while Newton and Seale was imprisoned and Cleaver in exile during the 70's.The BPP was self supporting with its art,posters,T-shirts buttons,books,newspaper and entertainment center (The Lamp Post) a nite club. David connects this generation to the history/legacy as a business model producing information,books,CD's /DVD's and retooling the slogans and images on clothing produced through our company Black Panther Clothing and our Burnbabyburn Hotsauce through our imprint "A Taste Of The Sixties". "We call this adding new form to old content."

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burn_baby_burn_large.gif Burn Baby Burn Hot Sauce - Case of 12
List Price: $50.00 Our revolutionary new hot sauce - 100% organic. Purchase a case of 12 for only $50.00 plus $7.00-SH